JISC Call for Grant Proposals for Four Digital Infrastructure Themes

JISC has issued a call for grant proposals for four digital infrastructure themes: supporting usability practice, usability case studies and practical implementation, adaptable and learnable user interfaces for research tools, and campus-based publishing. A total of £500,000 is available to support funded projects. The proposal deadline is 12:00 noon (UK time) on 3/30/11.

Here's an excerpt from the "Theme D: Campus based publishing" section:

58. Projects will run for 6 months and their outputs should add value to journals by, for example:

  • Converting existing journals that are currently only available in print to electronic publication
  • Creating new infrastructure for existing e-journals by, for instance, using overlays on repositories or shared service provision
  • Implementing innovative models of publication.
  • Being open access
  • Being interactive (see Internet Archaeology for an example)
  • Building online communities around the journal to increase the speed and depth of scholarly exchange (see ChemSpider for an example)
  • Creating a digital preservation infrastructure for the journal
  • Introducing a new partnership or infrastructure to reduce publication costs

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