Chair, Digital Services and Shared Collections at University of Florida Libraries

The University of Florida Libraries are recruiting a Chair, Digital Services and Shared Collections. Minimum salary is $75,00 or $85,000 depending on rank.

Here's an excerpt from the ad:

Chair, Digital Services and Shared Collections, is responsible for internal and outsourced digitization, and plays a key role in the coordination of preservation and access to digital and shared print academic library collections in Florida. The Chair will be responsible for adopting a business model approach, designing efficient and productive workflows, and for effectively communicating vision and goals to donors, partners, and a variety of other internal and external constituents and partners. A major component of the role is to promote organized collaboration between internal and outsourced digital services, preservation/conservation of all Smathers Libraries collections as well as the shared print collection, and processing for the storage and retrieval of shared print collections.

Upon appointment, the Chair will lead the Digital Library Center (DLC) and related digital services including the Institutional Repository (IR), as well as having reporting responsibilities for Preservation and Shared Collections Processing. The Chair will also participate in the planning for the new complex and the Shared Collections. Initial partners for the Shared Collections include all of the State University Libraries (SUL) and at least one private university in Florida. After the completion of the new complex (anticipated in 2013-2014), the Digital Services and Preservation units will relocate from Smathers Library to the renovated facility and the chair will assume responsibility for managing the complex.

As a prominent partner in national and state cooperative ventures, the Chair will negotiate agreements, manage business operations and identify ways to actively market and promote the collections and services. This will require collaboration with subject specialists, curators and other library staff, as well as patrons, external constituents and not-for-profit, commercial, and academic partners.

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