Scientific Data Curation Specialist/Metadata Librarian at Cornell University Libraries

The Cornell University Libraries are recruiting a Scientific Data Curation Specialist/Metadata Librarian.

Here's an excerpt from the ad (job no.: 14793):

Cornell University Libraries seeks an analytical, creative individual interested in scientific research data, digital resources, technology, and metadata to become our newest information professional. The Scientific Data Curation Specialist is actively engaged across science fields to support e-science, digital data curation, and cyberscholarship working closely with other library staff. This position has three main emphases: research data consultation, digital resources discovery, and professional and research activities. First, the Scientific Data Curation Specialist focuses on metadata issues related to the data curation lifecycle while providing consultation to Cornell researchers. Second, s/he explores semantic approaches and ontologies while working on initiatives related to the discovery of digital resources. Third, s/he is professionally involved and conducts research aligning with her/his job duties and interests. To be successful, close collaboration is essential in working with faculty and library staff devoted to digital libraries, information technologies, public services, technical services, and data working groups.

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