Digital Repository Manager at Brown University Library

Here's an excerpt from the ad (job number: B01293):

The Digital Repository Manager will be responsible for managing the Brown Digital Repository. He/she will oversee programming projects, data management, and the development of web services for working with repository materials.

Supervise the on-going development of the Brown Digital Repository to meet the critical needs of University and Library stakeholders. Identify and prioritize programming projects based on stakeholder needs. Implement project management methodologies to ensure that repository services are deployed in a reliable and timely manner. Supervise the Digital Repository Programmer and coordinate assignments and with other digital library developers and project managers. Ensure that developers have sufficient information and resources to meet project goals. Facilitate the ongoing training and development of repository staff to address new technology requirements. Contribute to programming efforts as needed.

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A Guide For the Perplexed Part IV: The Rejection of the Google Books Settlement

The Library Copyright Alliance has released A Guide For the Perplexed Part IV: The Rejection of the Google Books Settlement.

Here's an excerpt from the press release:

This guide is the latest in a series prepared by LCA legal counsel Jonathan Band to help inform the library community about this landmark legal dispute.

In the Guide Part IV, Band explains why the Court rejected the proposed class action settlement, which would have allowed Google to engage in a wide variety of activities using scanned books.

As stated in the Guide, "The court concluded that the settlement was unfair because a substantial number of class members [i.e., authors and publishers] voiced significant concerns with the settlement.… However, the validity of the objections seemed less important to the court than the fact that many class members raised them."

As for the impact of the decision on libraries, Band writes that while it is too early to say what the parties will do next, "it appears that both the challenges and the opportunities presented to libraries by the settlement when it was announced in the fall of 2008 are growing narrower and more distant."

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