"The Liblog Landscape: Where Are They Now?"

Walt Crawford has published "The Liblog Landscape: Where Are They Now?" in the latest issue of Cites & Insights: Crawford at Large.

Here's an excerpt:

As I was preparing the two-part Words essay Thinking About Blogs, and specifically Part 2 with its emphasis on libraries and liblogs, I got to wondering: Where are they now? And I'd seen hints here and there that people were missing a reasonably comprehensive list of what's out there. . . .

The results come in two flavors. This essay offers the basic facts: How many have disappeared, how many appear to be moribund (or have officially closed) but are still visible, how recently each blog had been updated and some overall comments on longevity. The second flavor is a new page linked to from Walt at Random consisting of two lists of hyperlinked liblog names: One for blogs updated sometime within the past year (when checked—that is, sometime after July 30, 2011) that haven't explicitly closed, one for closed and apparently-moribund blogs. Blogs that disappeared entirely aren't in either list. You'll find that list at waltcrawford.name/liblogs.

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