"Evaluating Large Image Support for DSpace"

Marius Nel, Kyle Williams and Hussein Suleman have self-archived "Evaluating Large Image Support for DSpace" in the UCT CS Research Document Archive.

Here's an excerpt:

Access to large images in digital libraries is desirable from a preservation perspective and may even be a requirement in some domains, such as cartography. However, providing access to large images often poses a problem as a result of the size of the images as well as the limited screen real-estate for displaying the images. Even when these issues are addressed, there is a lack of evidence about how well large image related tasks can be performed in a digital library. In investigating this, a survey was conducted in order to identify well-performing large image support tools and the best of these tools was integrated into DSpace. A user study was conducted in order to evaluate how well large images could be supported in a digital library and it was found that users were able to successfully and easily perform tasks related to large images.

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