Gold Open Access in High Energy Physics: SCOAP3 Progress Report

Kara Malenfant has posted an update on SCOAP3 in ACRL Insider.

Here's an excerpt from a quote in the post by Ann Okerson:

After an intense period of behind-the-scenes effort, CERN's open access, library, purchasing, and legal staff, along with the SCOAP3 global Steering Committee and Technical Working Group, secured with leading publishers the participation in principle of 12 HEP (full or partial) journals; developed a project governance structure; crafted a framework for performing calculations for subscription reduction and re-direction; and are putting into place a series of National Contact Persons (NCPs), who are responsible for securing participation from libraries, library consortia, research institutions, and funding agencies in their countries.

SCOAP3 is happening NOW. Participating libraries and institutions are being contacted to begin the process of commitment and planning for funds re-direction. The goal is that arrangements will be in place for SCOAP3 go-live with articles published beginning January 2014. For the United States, the LYRASIS consortium is the chosen National Contact Organization, with Ann Okerson as the NCP.

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