Design Data Librarian at Harvard’s Frances Loeb Library

Harvard's Frances Loeb Library is recruiting a Design Data Librarian.

Here's an excerpt from the ad:

  • Reporting to the Librarian/Assistant Dean for Information Resources, this position oversees the gathering and management of data and content produced as a result of GSD courses, in all formats—geo-spatial, CAD formats, visual, and written documentation—through outreach to faculty, students, and specific GSD courses.
  • Working with the Collections and Outreach Librarian, Special Collections Librarian, Digital Resources Librarian, manages the data and content, developing strategies for archiving the data, and making it available again to the GSD for re-use.
  • Participates with other Loeb Library librarians in services of research and instruction, with a focus on born- digital GSD content, and the creation of digital content in various formats.

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