"Access, Progress, and Fairness: Rethinking Exclusivity in Copyright"

Nicolas Suzor has self-archived "Access, Progress, and Fairness: Rethinking Exclusivity in Copyright" in SSRN.

Here's an excerpt:

This Article examines models of supporting and coordinating cultural production without exclusivity, including crowdfunding, tips, levies, restitution, and service-based models. In their current forms, each of these models fails to provide a cohesive and convincing vision of the two main functions of copyright: instrumentally (how cultural production can be funded) and fairness (how authors can be adequately rewarded). This article provides three avenues for future research to investigate the viability of alternate copyright models: (1) a better theory of fairness in copyright rewards; (2) more empirical study of commons models of cultural production; and (3) a critical examination of the noneconomic harm limiting function that exclusivity in copyright provides


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