European Landscape Study of Research Data Management

SURF has released the European Landscape Study of Research Data Management.

Here's an excerpt:

This report presents the results of an online survey to establish which interventions are already being used by funding agencies, research institutions, national bodies and publishers across the European Union member states and a number of countries outside Europe in order to improve the capacity and skills of researchers in making effective use of research data infrastructures. It also makes recommendations that organisations can adopt to help their researchers. . . .

Interviews with researchers indicate that the main drivers for writing a data management plan are requirements by the funder or the publisher. Nearly half of the research funders who took part in the survey have a policy covering research data management, whilst a quarter of the funders require data management plans as part of the grant application. Data management plans should address data acquisition, use, re-use, storage and protection and the rights of ownership. Just over one third of the responding funding organisations designate a specific organisation for preservation, although no term has been identified.

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Author: Charles W. Bailey, Jr.

Charles W. Bailey, Jr.