"The Librarian as Research Informationist: A Case Study"

Lisa Federer has published "The Librarian as Research Informationist: A Case Study" in the Journal of the Medical Library Association.

Here's an excerpt:

Whereas traditional library services have generally focused on the "last mile" or finished product of the research process—the peer-reviewed literature—librarians have expertise that can help researchers create better research output in the form of more useful data. In the last several years, new policies from major funding bodies (such as the National Science Foundation's data management plan requirement and the NIH's public access policy) indicate that funders expect researchers to demonstrate the highest possible return on investment for their grant dollars. The need for better research data management has given rise to a new role for librarians: the "research informationist." Research informationists work with research teams at each step of the research process, from project inception and grant seeking to final publication, providing expert guidance on data management and preservation, bibliometric analysis, expert searching, compliance with grant funder policies regarding data management and open access, and other information-related areas.

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Author: Charles W. Bailey, Jr.

Charles W. Bailey, Jr.

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