Data Services Librarian at Carnegie Mellon University Libraries

The Carnegie Mellon University Libraries are recruiting a Data Services Librarian.

Here's an excerpt from the ad:

The Data Services Librarian, a library faculty position, conducts outreach and engagement efforts to members of the campus community and offers strategies, best practices and services to manage their data throughout the research life cycle with an eye to ensuring that the university complies with federal mandates. Some of the responsibilities include:

  • Works with library personnel to implement data curation systems in current and future data preservation infrastructures (e.g. ArchivalWare, Research Showcase)
  • Provides support for the creation, review, cleaning, and publication of data products and associated metadata products
  • Provides technical support for data and content owners using data preservation infrastructures
  • Leads the development of policies and procedures for data curation and management on campus

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Author: Charles W. Bailey, Jr.

Charles W. Bailey, Jr.