DigitalKoans Marks Its Tenth Year of Publication

DigitalKoans, which was established by Charles W. Bailey, Jr. on April 20, 2005, has now been published for ten years. During that time, it has had over 11.1 million visitors, over 50.8 million file requests, and over 36.8 million page views. Excluding spiders, there have been over 6.8 million visitors, over 49.7 million file requests, and over 17 million page views. There have been over 7,100 DigitalKoans posts.

DigitalKoans was the first publication of Digital Scholarship, a digital press that was founded by Bailey on the same date. In its ten years of operation, Digital Scholarship has had over 14.9 million visitors from 231 counties, over 72 million file requests, and over 52 million page views. Excluding spiders, there have been over 9 million visitors from 231 counties, 43.4 million file requests, and over 24.1 million page views.

Digital Scholarship has primarily published e-books, low-cost paperbacks, digital bibliographies/webliograpies, and blogs. The publications have been under Creative Commons licenses, usually versions of the Attribution-NonCommercial license. The digital publications have been open access. Digital Scholarship has operated without advertising revenue or other external funding.

One of the most popular e-books published by Digital Scholarship has been Transforming Scholarly Publishing through Open Access: A Bibliography. Excluding spiders, the PDF version has been requested over 475,000 times; with the addition of page views from the HTML version, total use is over 539,000 requests.

Prior to establishing Digital Scholarship, Bailey worked at the University of Houston Libraries, where he led the digital publishing program from 1989-2007 as Assistant Dean/Director for Systems and subsequently Assistant Dean for Digital Library Planning and Development. He established and acted as the first Editor-in-Chief of The Public-Access Computer Systems Review (1989-1996), the first open access journal in the field of library and information science. In 1996, he established the Scholarly Electronic Publishing Bibliography, an open access e-book that had 79 subsequent versions (16 of which were published by Digital Scholarship). These two publications had over 9 million file requests while under Bailey's direction at the UH Libraries.

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Author: Charles W. Bailey, Jr.

Charles W. Bailey, Jr.

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