"The Modern Research Data Portal: A Design Pattern for Networked, Data-Intensive Science"

Kyle Chard et al. have published "The Modern Research Data Portal: A Design Pattern for Networked, Data-Intensive Science" in PeerJ.

Here's an excerpt:

In this article, we first define the problems that research data portals address, introduce the legacy approach, and examine its limitations. We then introduce the MRDP design pattern and describe its realization via the integration of two elements: Science DMZs (Dart et al., 2013) (high-performance network enclaves that connect large-scale data servers directly to high-speed networks) and cloud-based data management and authentication services such as those provided by Globus (Chard, Tuecke & Foster, 2014). We then outline a reference implementation of the MRDP design pattern, also provided in its entirety on the companion web site, https://docs.globus.org/mrdp, that the reader can study—and, if they so desire, deploy and adapt to build their own high-performance research data portal. We also review various deployments to show how the MRDP approach has been applied in practice: examples like the National Center for Atmospheric Research's Research Data Archive, which provides for high-speed data delivery to thousands of geoscientists; the Sanger Imputation Service, which provides for online analysis of user-provided genomic data; the Globus data publication service, which provides for interactive data publication and discovery; and the DMagic data sharing system for data distribution from light sources. We conclude with a discussion of related technologies and summary.

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Author: Charles W. Bailey, Jr.

Charles W. Bailey, Jr.

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