"Sharing and Re-Using Open Data: A Case Study of Motivations in Astrophysics"

Anneke Zuiderwijka and Helen Spiers have published "Sharing and Re-Using Open Data: A Case Study of Motivations in Astrophysics" in the International Journal of Information Management.

Here's an excerpt:

This study sought to provide in-depth insight about the complex interaction of factors influencing motivations for sharing and re-using open research data within a single discipline, namely astrophysics. . . . Eight factors were found to influence researchers' motivations for sharing data openly, including the researcher's background, personal drivers, experience, legislation, regulation and policy, data characteristics, performance expectancy, usability, and collaboration. We identified six factors that influence researchers' motivations to re-use open research data, including the researcher’s background, facilitating conditions, expected performance, social and affiliation factors, effort and experience. Finally, we discuss how data sharing and re-use can be encouraged within the context of astrophysics research, and we discuss how these insights may be transferred to disciplines with low rates of data sharing and re-use.

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Author: Charles W. Bailey, Jr.

Charles W. Bailey, Jr.