AI-native Platform: "Reimagining Research Impact: Introducing Web of Science Research Intelligence"

Currently being developed in partnership with leading academic institutions, Web of Science Research Intelligence is an AI-native platform that embodies a vision centered on three pillars: unification, innovation and impact. It seamlessly integrates funding data with research outputs that include publications, patents, conference proceedings, books, policy documents and more. Based on these data, the platform identifies relevant funding opportunities within emerging research areas, equipping institutions and researchers to innovate.

  • A conversational assistant powered by generative AI enables all users to gain insights and create qualitative narratives for more balanced impact assessment, from data scientists to those with limited analysis experience.
  • Tailored recommendations for collaboration and funding help early career researchers build their networks and all researchers position themselves to win.
  • A new framework for measuring societal impact beyond traditional citation metrics will empower researchers and institutions to showcase the broader impacts of their work.

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Author: Charles W. Bailey, Jr.

Charles W. Bailey, Jr.