"Taylor & Francis Issues Expanded Guidance on AI Application for Authors, Editors and Reviewers "

Taylor & Francis has issued the latest iteration of its policy on the application of AI tools. The policy aims to promote ethical and transparent use of AI, while addressing the risks and challenges it can pose for research publishing.

From the policy:

Authors must clearly acknowledge within the article or book any use of Generative AI tools through a statement which includes: the full name of the tool used (with version number), how it was used, and the reason for use. For article submissions, this statement must be included in the Methods or Acknowledgments section. Book authors must disclose their intent to employ Generative AI tools at the earliest possible stage to their editorial contacts for approval — either at the proposal phase if known, or if necessary, during the manuscript writing phase. If approved, the book author must then include the statement in the preface or introduction of the book .


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Author: Charles W. Bailey, Jr.

Charles W. Bailey, Jr.