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PACS-P (Public-Access Computer Systems Publications)

On January 13, 1992, Charles W. Bailey, Jr. announced on the University of Houston's PACS-L mailing list that he had established a new mailing list, called PACS-P, to distribute three electronic serials: The Public-Access Computer Systems Review, Public-Access Computer Systems News, and Current Cites. PACS-P was published by the University of Houston Libraries.

The publication of a PACS Review issue was announced by the distribution of a table of contents message. For the other two electronic serials, a complete issue was distributed as an e-mail message. Although the list was set up to allow library serials departments to easily acquire these electronic serials without having to read numerous unrelated messages on the PACS-L list, the PACS-P list quickly became popular with other users.

After 1992, additional electronic serials and an updated e-book were added to the roster of electronic publications distributed on the list.

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