Transforming Scholarly Publishing through Open Access: A Bibliography
Table of Contents
A Short Introduction to Open Access
1 General Works
1.1 Open Access Overviews
1.2 Open Access Analysis and Critiques
1.3 Open Access Debates and Dialogs
1.4 Open Access Economic Issues
1.5 Open Access Research Studies
1.6 Other
2 Copyright Arrangements for Self Archiving and Use
2.1 Copyright General Works
2.2 Author Rights
2.3 Copyright Research Studies
3 Open Access Journals
3.1 Open Access Journal General Works
3.2 Open Access Journal Economic Issues
3.3 Open Access Journal Publishers and Archives
3.4 Open Access Journal Case Studies
3.5 Open Access Journal Research Studies
4 E-prints
4.1 E-print General Works
4.2 E-print History
4.3 E-print Research Studies
5 Disciplinary Archives
5.1 Disciplinary Archive General Works
5.2 Specific Disciplinary Archives and Projects
6 Institutional Repositories
6.1 Institutional Repository General Works
6.2 Country and Regional Institutional Repository Surveys
6.3 Multiple-Institution Repositories
6.4 Specific Institutional Repositories
6.5 Institutional Repository Preservation Issues
6.6 Institutional Repository Library Issues
6.7 Institutional Repository Metadata Issues
6.8 Institutional Open Access Mandates and Policies
6.9 Institutional Repository R&D Projects
6.10 Institutional Repository Research Studies
6.11 Institutional Repository Software
6.12 Electronic Theses and Dissertations in Institutional Repositories
7 Open Archives Initiative and OAI-PMH
8 Library Issues
8.1 General Library Issues
9 Conventional Publisher Perspectives
10 Open Access Legislation, Government Reviews, Funding Agency Mandates, and Policies
11 Open Access in Countries with Emerging and Developing Economies
12 Open Access Books
12.1 Google Books
12.2 Other Open Access Books
Appendix A. Related Bibliographies
Appendix B. About the Author