PACS-L (The Public-Access Computer Systems Forum)

The Public-Access Computer Systems Forum (PACS-L@LISTSERV.UH.EDU) was a mailing list that dealt with end-user computer systems in libraries. Utilizing PACS-L, subscribers discussed topics such as digital libraries, digital media, electronic books, electronic journals, electronic publishing, Internet information resources, and online catalogs. PACS-L was sponsored by the University of Houston Libraries.

PACS-L was founded in June 1989 by Charles W. Bailey, Jr., who moderated the list until November 1991. The list ceased operation at the end of 2013. Digital Scholarship maintains a partial archive of e-mail files through 2010 and there is a searchable Google Groups partial archive of the Usenet version of the list.

The UH Libraries distributed The Public-Access Computer Systems Review, a refereed e-journal, Public-Access Computer Systems News, an e-serial, and the Scholarly Electronic Publishing Bibliography, an e-book, on PACS-L

The PACS-L moderators were:

  • Nicole Abbott
  • Amelia Abreu
  • Charles W. Bailey, Jr.
  • Marianne Stowell Bracke
  • Nancy Buchanan
  • Diane Gwamanda
  • Jill M. Hackenberg
  • Jack Hall
  • Gretchen McCord Hoffmann
  • Sara Holland
  • Rafal Kasprowski
  • Anne Mitchell
  • Joan O'Connor
  • J. Michael Thompson
  • Linda Thompson
  • Dana C. Rooks

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