A Survey of Digital Humanities Centers in the United States Released

A report prepared for the Council on Library and Information Resources titled A Survey of Digital Humanities Centers in the United States has been released.

Here's an excerpt from the "Executive Summary":

The immediate goals of the survey were to identify the extent of these [digital humanities] centers, and explore their financing, organizational structure, products, services and sustainability. The longer-term goal is to provide participants of SCI 6 [Scholarly Communication Institute 6] with a greater understanding of existing centers to inform their discussions about regional and national centers. The year-long study took place in two phases: an initial planning phase to develop selection criteria, identify candidates, and plan methodology, and an implementation phase to conduct the survey and analysis of the centers. . . .

The findings of this survey suggest that new models are needed for large-scale cyberinfrastructure projects, for cross-disciplinary research that cuts a wide swathe across the humanities, and for integrating the huge amounts of digital production already available. Current DHCs will continue to have an important role to play, but that role needs to be clarified in the context of the broader models that emerge.

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