DigitalKoans Update

In March, I was diagnosed with a severe case of elderly-onset rheumatoid arthritis. Working with three pharmacies, it took a month to get appropriate medications due to an extreme Hydroxychloroquine shortage.

My condition has significantly improved, but it is unpredictable on a day-to-day basis. I’ll be reevaluating the continuation of DigitalKoans on 9/1/2020. Note that I have stopped my regular postings to my LinkedIn Digital Curation group.

I’ve been informed by my hosting service that it is impossible to change Digital Scholarship’s log retention period for my business-level account from daily retention to any longer period. (Hosting service was changed early this year.)

Consequently, here are the final use statistics for Digital Scholarship. From April 2005 through December 2019, Digital Scholarship had over 20 million visitors from 242 Internet country domains, over 100.7 million file requests, and over 76 million page views. Excluding spiders, there were over 12.2 million visitors from 242 Internet country domains, over 59 million file requests, and over 35.9 million page views.

Stay safe and keep up the good work of supporting open access and research data curation.

DigitalKoans Posts Will Resume on 9/1/2020

I anticipate resuming regular weekly DigitalKoans posts on 9/1/2020. In the meantime, irregular postings may occur.

I hope that you and your family will remain safe during the COVID-19 crisis.

I have followed this crisis closely, and I think the importance of open access—especially preprints—has been proven by it. Preprints from China and other countries have helped medical staff around the world to quickly understand the virus. Although the penetration of "Gold" open access journals in the field of medicine has been far from ideal, those Gold journals that do exist have assisted researchers worldwide in their efforts to fight the virus. Moreover, major publishers have temporarily dropped paywalls for works they consider relevant.

From my perspective, the OA movement began in the late 1980's. It has been a protracted struggle against very long odds that owes much to a number of leaders such as Stevan Harnad, Peter Suber, and John Willinsky. While much remains to be done, everyone who has contributed to the movement should be very proud of what they have accomplished to date.

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DigitalKoans Publication Changes

2019 marked my 30th year of continuous open access publishing on the Internet and the 14th year of publishing DigitalKoans.

Unfortunately, it also marked the onset of acute episodes of arthritic pains in my hands, which can affect my ability to write DigitalKoans.

So, it's time to make some adjustments. There will be periods of short posts like today's, and there may be brief periods of inactivity that are not announced beforehand.

For those with similar problems, I’d suggest trying the FENIFOX mouse, which is almost flat. After testing a half-dozen low-profile mice, it was the clear winner for me (in spite of having to be charged).

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After the Goldman Ruling DigitalKoans Will No Longer Use Twitter Directly

After further consideration of the Goldman ruling, DigitalKoans will no longer tweet directly in Twitter. If embedding a tweet with an image in a web page can be infringing, it stands to reason that embedding a third-party image in a tweet itself can be infringing. It is not possible to stop Twitter from embedding content, including images, in tweets. It is possible to do so by first creating a WordPress post that then creates a tweet, which is what will be done starting now.

These "tweets" will include no content from the linked item unless it is under an appropriate Creative Commons license or it is in the public domain.

Read more about it: “A Ruling Over Embedded Tweets Could Change Online Publishing.”

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