Digital Technologies Development Librarian at NCSU

NCSU is recruiting a Digital Technologies Development Librarian.

Here's an excerpt from the ad:

Library Initiatives department. Digital Library Initiatives develops and delivers an information environment that significantly advances end-user resource discovery and use of library services. As a member of the Digital Services Development group, the Digital Technologies Development Librarian works as an active participant in a team that advances library services through applied research and application development and manages the entire life cycle of projects, from requirements gathering to deployment. The Digital Services Development group has produced a number of unique and widely used systems to improve our service to library users, including the Suma space assessment toolkit, the lentil photographic social media archival collecting system, the Quick Search bento-box style single search system, and the WolfWalk geo-enhanced mobile guide to the history of NCSU. This group is currently developing new projects in areas including library service and resource discovery, assessment and analytics, data visualization, social media archives, research services, and application virtualization.

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Author: Charles W. Bailey, Jr.

Charles W. Bailey, Jr.

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