Google Books Settlement Status Conference Reports

Posted in Copyright, E-Books, Google and Other Search Engines, Mass Digitizaton, Publishing on October 8th, 2009

Kenneth Crews and James Grimmelmann have posted blog reports about the Google Books Settlement status conference on October 7th. An amended agreement is anticipated to be filed by November 9th.

Here's an excerpt from the Grimmelmann's post:

Judge Chin is trying to move this case, and his overall attitude seemed to be that he wants as clean a record as possible, and soon, so that he can act on it. That would incline me to think that he is hoping to be able to approve the settlement, or at the least to kick some of the legal issues upstairs to the Second Circuit for its guidance.

Read more about it at "Amended Google Deal Targeted for November 9."

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    Health Care Debate Sidelines Federal Research Public Access Act

    Posted in Legislation and Government Regulation, Open Access on October 8th, 2009

    In "Open Access Bill Stalls in Congress," Bob Grant reports on the status of the Federal Research Public Access Act in the Senate.

    Here's an excerpt:

    Congressional staffers in the US Senate Homeland Security and Governmental Affairs Committee, where the Federal Research Public Access Act (FRPAA) of 2009 (S.1373) lingers, have been forced to shift their attentions to health care and away from the bill. "They're definitely swamped," Heather Joseph, executive director of the Scholarly Publishing and Academic Resources Coalition, told The Scientist. Joseph added that movement on FRPAA is not expected "until after health care gets sorted out."

    You can send an e-mail supporting the bill to your Senator using the Alliance for Taxpayer Access Web form.

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      Embedding Repositories in Research Management Systems: Final Report

      Posted in Digital Repositories, Institutional Repositories on October 7th, 2009

      JISC has released Embedding Repositories in Research Management Systems: Final Report. (See JISC's "Research Information Management" page for more information on research management systems.)

      Here's an excerpt:

      The main finding from our research is the variety of disparate "systems" (i.e. both technology and process) in use. Management information is derived from many different systems and processes: HR; student administration (e.g. SITS); finance; research support; and information services/library.

      A number of universities use business intelligence software such as Cognos or Oracle Discoverer for monitoring activity and performance, and for resource allocation and forecasting. However, some rely on tools as simple as a series of complex interlinked spreadsheets.

      The role of institutional repositories is still small. IRs are near-universal, but mainly lack critical mass of content. Publications and research expertise databases are widespread and are the main research assessment management tool for many HEIs: few of these connect to the IR, although in a small number of cases the two are linked.

      We could find no implementations of a research management system with embedded repository; further, where both RMS and IRs do exist within the same HEI they are not well-integrated.

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        Japan's National Diet Library May Offer Fee-Based Digital Library

        Posted in Digital Libraries, Digitization, Mass Digitizaton, Research Libraries on October 7th, 2009

        Japan's National Diet Library is evaluating the creation of a fee-based digital library containing digitized versions of works in its collection (Thanks to ResourceShelf).

        Read more about it at "National Diet Library, Others Envision Digital Database."

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          Georgia Tech Library Awarded $857,005 Grant to Build Statewide Digital Repository

          Posted in Digital Repositories, Grants, Open Access on October 7th, 2009

          The Georgia Institute of Technology Library and Information Center has been awarded a $857,005 grant for its "The GALILEO Knowledge Repository (GKR): Advancing the Access and Management of Scholarly Digital Content" project.

          Here's an excerpt from the announcement:

          Georgia Tech, in partnership with the University of Georgia, Georgia State University, the Medical College of Georgia, Georgia Southern University, Valdosta State University, Albany State University, North Georgia College and State University, and the College of Coastal Georgia, will build a statewide digital repository to provide access to scholarly works and research information. The principal investigator on the grant is Tyler Walters, Associate Director for Technology and Resource Services, the Georgia Institute of Technology Library and Information Center; the co-PI is P. Toby Graham, Director, Digital Library of Georgia, University of Georgia Libraries.

          The scholarly works and research information to be held by the GKR are materials such as:

          Annual Reports; Audio/Video Recordings; Conference Papers; Electronic Theses and Dissertations; Instructional Materials; Lecture Series and Symposia Materials; Newsletters; Pre-Prints/Post-Prints; Proceedings; Research and Technical Reports; Web Sites; White Papers; and Working Papers.

          The GKR program has five activities that it will complete during the grant:

          1. Conduct a survey and focus groups of the USG librarians' and faculty's usage and perceptions of digital repositories.
          2. Establish a service to host individual repositories for four participating USG institutions (Medical College of Georgia, Georgia Southern University, Albany State University, College of Coastal Georgia)
          3. Build a central, searchable web site and database from all eight GKR-related digital repositories, featuring the GKR-developed repository collection mapping tool. This will be done by harvesting database records from all eight GKR-related digital repositories (the four hosted repositories mentioned above, plus existing repositories at Georgia Tech, University of Georgia, Georgia State University, and Valdosta State University).
          4. Establish repository-related services for the GKR partners: copyright assistance, digitization, content submission into their repository, and digital preservation
          5. Design and offer to a nationwide audience a symposium and workshop on managing statewide and consortial repositories. The goal of the training program is to increase the number of digital repositories operating in the U.S. and the number of information professionals with the knowledge and skills to manage repositories consortially.
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            Swedish Research Council Adopts Open Access Mandate

            Posted in Open Access on October 7th, 2009

            The Swedish Research Council has adopted an open access mandate. The Swedish Research Council is "a government agency that provides funding for basic research of the highest scientific quality in all disciplinary domains. Besides research funding, the agency works with strategy, analysis, and research communication."

            Here's an excerpt from the announcement (translation from the Swedish by Ingegerd Rabow):

            The Swedish Research Council requires free access to research results.

            In order to receive research grants the Research council requires now that researchers publish their material freely accessible to all.. . .

            Researchers are required to guarantee that everything published shall be freely available according to Open Access not later than six months after publication.

            The Council's decision regarding Open Access has been taken in close cooperation with SUHF, the Association of Swedish Higher Education. To promote free dissemination of research results is not and isolated Swedish occurrence, The so called Berlin Declaration aiming to implement Open Access has been signed by several large, mainly European research funders.

            The Open Access-mandate covers so far only refereed journal articles and conference reports, not monographs and book chapters. The mandate will be included in the new grant conditions from 2010.

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              No Contract Awarded for GPO Mass Digitization of All Federal Publications

              Posted in Digitization, Mass Digitizaton, Public Domain, Publishing on October 7th, 2009

              The U.S. Government Printing Office has been unable to award a contract for the digitization of all Federal publications.

              Here's an excerpt from the announcement:

              In 2004, GPO proposed digitizing all retrospective Federal publications back to the earliest days of the Federal Government. Following the conduct of a pilot project in 2006 and its evaluation in 2007, we issued an RFP in 2008 for a cooperative relationship with a public or private sector participant or participants where the uncompressed, unaltered files created as a result of the conversion process would be delivered to GPO at no cost to the Government, for ingest into GPO's Federal Digital System (FDsys). Unfortunately, we were unable to make an award for this RFP in the allocated timeframe.

              We are very disappointed in this setback, but are currently developing new digitization alternatives. In addition to our longstanding goal of serving as one of the repositories for electronic files through the submission of material to FDsys, our focus for digitization will be on coordinating projects among institutions, assisting in the establishment and implementation of preservation guidelines, maintaining a registry of digitization projects, and ensuring that there is appropriate bibliographic metadata for the titles in the collection.

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                University of Illinois' IDEALS Repository Tops One Million Downloads

                Posted in Institutional Repositories, Open Access, Self-Archiving on October 7th, 2009

                The University of Illinois' IDEALS institutional repository has topped one million downloads.

                Here's an excerpt from the announcement:

                The Illinois Digital Environment for Access to Learning and Scholarship (IDEALS), a digital repository for research and scholarship developed at the University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign, has surpassed its one-millionth download.

                The service, offered through the University Library and Campus Information Technologies and Educational Services (CITES), is sponsored by the Office of the Provost at Illinois and was launched in 2006. The campus institutional repository includes articles, working papers, preprints, technical reports, conference papers and, data sets in various digital formats provided by University faculty, staff, and graduate students. Although central to the University of Illinois, anyone can access and benefit from IDEALS collections and services. "Today, over 12,000 items have been uploaded into IDEALS," said Sarah Shreeves, associate professor and IDEALS coordinator. "The success of this service has surpassed what anyone envisioned two and a half years ago, and we hope that others in the Illinois community will take advantage of its services."

                The mission of IDEALS is to preserve and provide persistent and reliable access to digital research and scholarship in order to give these works the greatest possible recognition and distribution. IDEALS endeavors to ensure that its materials appear in search engines such as Google, Google Scholar, and Bing and that the majority of the research is openly available for anyone to access. As a result of its efforts to disseminate research produced at the University of Illinois, IDEALS was recently ranked in the top 10 of institutional repositories worldwide. "I am delighted with the exposure that IDEALS has provided us with. Whenever we place a thesis or a report, the downloads start and never stop. We get many comments back from readers and researchers who have seen our work only on IDEALS," said Amr Elnashai, head, Civil and Environmental Engineering Department at the University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign.

                IDEALS contains a wealth of diverse information, from a Mid-America Earthquake Center report on the Kashmir Earthquake of 2005 to the Ethnography of the University Initiative’s publications and presentations, including campus folklore and cultural perceptions. "I appreciate that my thesis is archived in a stable location for reliable long-term access. The document is now freely available to anyone in the world, yet I retain the copyright," said David P. Hruska, an Illinois graduate. "Furthermore, my thesis is now displayed in search results returned by Google Scholar, improving the dissemination of my research."

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                  Dean of University Libraries Candidates Interview at Indiana University

                  Posted in ARL Libraries, People in the News on October 6th, 2009

                  Candidates for the Ruth Lilly Dean of University Libraries position at Indiana University are interviewing this week. The candidates are Brenda Johnson (Dean of University Libraries at the University of California, Santa Barbara) and Diane Parr Walker (Deputy University Librarian at the University of Virginia).

                  Read more about it at "Library Dean Candidates Visit Today."

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                    Deputy Director at UKOLN

                    Posted in Digital Library Jobs on October 6th, 2009

                    UKOLN is recruiting a Deputy Director.

                    Here's an excerpt from the ad:

                    UKOLN is a centre of expertise in digital information management based at the University of Bath, providing advice and services to the library, information, education and cultural heritage communities.

                    We are seeking to recruit a Deputy Director to provide outstanding leadership and strategic direction to all technical activity within UKOLN, to assure our position at the forefront of innovative Digital Library (DL) developments. This is a key senior post within the UKOLN organisation and will be based at the University of Bath.

                    The post requires vision, strategic insight and innovation associated with the implementation and development of DLs within the education, research or cultural heritage sectors. Applicants should have extensive and in-depth technical knowledge of DLs and associated interoperability issues, knowledge of emerging Web technologies and an understanding of their potential for education and research. An established international reputation in the DL arena, together with a track record for leading and shaping innovative activities, is highly desirable.

                    The post also requires significant experience of securing funding awards and income generation. Applicants will have extensive experience of leading teams, directing multiple projects to a successful outcome/completion and be outstanding communicators with well-developed influencing and negotiating skills and a proven ability to produce high quality reports, papers and presentations.

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                      SWORD PHP Library Version 0.9

                      Posted in Digital Repositories, Institutional Repositories, Open Source Software, Self-Archiving on October 6th, 2009

                      The SWORD PHP library version 0.9 has been released. SWORD is "a lightweight protocol for depositing content from one location to another. It stands for Simple Web-service Offering Repository Deposit and is a profile of the Atom Publishing Protocol (known as APP or ATOMPUB)."

                      Here's an excerpt from the announcement:

                      • Changed swordappservicedocument to build the servcedocument from the xml response rather than having the swordappclient do the work. This allows the service document to be parsed at a later time.
                      • Changed the swordappclient deposit method to stream the file being deposited straight from disk rather than via memory to avoid using excessive memory and potentially exceeding the PHP memory limit. I’ve successfully tested this against DSpace with deposits of 600MB CD images.
                      • Added some validation to the SWAP/METS packager to allow it to cope with filenames and metadata containing ampersands
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                        Jerry Kline's SkyRiver to Take on OCLC

                        Posted in Metadata, OCLC on October 6th, 2009

                        Jerry Kline, owner of Innovative Interfaces, is launching a new company, SkyRiver, on Friday that will compete with OCLC's cataloging services. SkyRiver's database will initially include about 20 million bibliographic records.

                        Read more about it at "New Company SkyRiver Sparks Cataloging Competition with OCLC."

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