MPAA Takes Down the MPA University Toolkit Because of GNU GPL Legal Issues

Slashdot reports that the Motion Picture of Association of America has removed the MPA University Toolkit software from the software's website after Matthew Garrett contacted the MPAA's ISP indicating that the software violated the GNU GPL. Garrett had attempted to contact the MPAA directly, but it was unresponsive. Currently, only Toolkit documentation remains on the website.

New Digital Scholarship in the Humanities Weblog

Lisa Spiro, Director of the Digital Media Center and the Educational Technology Research and Assessment Cooperative at Rice University's Fondren Library, has established the Digital Scholarship in the Humanities weblog.

Here's a selection of recent posts:

Pepsi/Amazon May Give Away a Billion MP3 Tracks (and Other Bad News for DRM)

According to Billboard, Pepsi and Amazon may start a promotion campaign during the upcoming Super Bowl that could give away as many as one billion MP3 tracks. It is also rumored that Wal-Mart will soon drop DRM-protected tracks in favor of the MP3 format. In reaction to these developments and the current availability of MP3s from EMI and Universal Music Group (this is a test), the Warner Music Group and Sony BMG Music Entertainment may consider distributing MP3s as well.

Read more about it at "Amazon 1 Billion MP3 Giveaway Offer; Under Pressure, Labels Warm To DRM-free Format" and "DRM Deathwatch: Sony, Wal-Mart."