Senior Software Infrastructure Engineer at Northwestern University

The Northwestern University Library is recruiting a Senior Software Infrastructure Engineer.

Here's an excerpt from the ad:

This position, reporting to the Head of Library Technology Enterprise Systems, works in a highly collaborative environment with library colleagues and external partners on the analysis, design, coding and testing of differently functioning systems in support of the library's enterprise applications. The position also supports digital repository development, digital preservation, metadata, collections and services development to explore, adapt, and implement emerging repository technologies.

National Library of the Netherlands Plans to Digitize All Dutch Books, Newspapers, and Periodicals from 1470

The National Library of the Netherlands has released its Strategic Plan 2010-2013.

In the "Strategic priority 1" section (page 6), the document states that the library intends to ultimately "digitise all Dutch books, newspapers and periodicals from 1470." By 2013, it states that: “10% of all Dutch books, newspapers and periodicals have been digitised (60 million pages by the KB, 13 million by third parties).” (Thanks to ResourceShelf.)

Here's an excerpt:

One of the large, labour-intensive challenges is to digitise all the books, periodicals and newspapers that have appeared in the Netherlands. A component of this undertaking is the digitisation of the special pre-1800 collections for which a number of Dutch university libraries and the KB have together drawn up a project plan. In addition, the KB has collected since 1995 born digital publications (publications which are only published in digital form, such as websites, digital periodicals, e-books, etc.). The KB will intensify this undertaking. The KB aims to be able to offer customers all publications with as few restrictions as possible. Naturally the KB does this in close consultation with publishers and right holder organisations.

Institutional Repository Bibliography, Version 2

Version two of the Institutional Repository Bibliography is now available from Digital Scholarship.

The Institutional Repository Bibliography presents over 700 selected English-language articles, books, technical reports, and other scholarly textual sources that are useful in understanding institutional repositories. This version significantly expands coverage of technical reports and adds a search function (Google index update for version two may take a few days).

Most sources have been published between 2000 and the present; however, a limited number of key sources published prior to 2000 are also included. Where possible, links are provided to e-prints in disciplinary archives and institutional repositories for published articles. Note that e-prints and published articles may not be identical.

The bibliography has the following sections (revised sections are in italics):

1 General
2 Country and Regional Institutional Repository Surveys
3 Multiple-Institution Repositories
4 Specific Institutional Repositories
5 Institutional Repository Digital Preservation Issues
6 Institutional Repository Library Issues
7 Institutional Repository Metadata Issues
8 Institutional Repository Open Access Policies
9 Institutional Repository R&D Projects
10 Institutional Repository Research Studies
11 Institutional Repository Software
Appendix A. About the Author

The following recent Digital Scholarship publications may also be of interest:

Enhanced Publications: Linking Publications and Research Data in Digital Repositories

The Amsterdam University Press has released the SURF Foundation/DRIVER's Enhanced Publications: Linking Publications and Research Data in Digital Repositories.

Here's an excerpt from the announcement:

The traditional publication will be overhauled by the 'Enhanced Publication.' This is a publication that is enhanced with research data, extra materials, post publication data, and database records. It has an object-based structure with explicit links between the objects. In this book a state-of-the-art overview is given of the structural elements of an Enhanced Publication, as well as publication models, interrelationship and repository issues. The use of Enhanced Publications evokes questions on object models and functionalities. In-depth study is made of these subjects. More practically, a sample is given of datasets in enhanced publications and a demonstrator on how an enhanced publication can be visualised. In the final section, this book deals with long-term preservation issues, linking to the developments of digital repositories that are studied in other books in this series.

Web Services Librarian at University of Miami

The University of Miami Libraries is recruiting a Web Services Librarian.

Here's an excerpt from the ad:

Reporting to the Director for Information Management and Systems, the Web Services Librarian provides leadership and direction in the design and development of the Libraries' web presence for all services, content, and interfaces; supervises the Libraries Web Administrator. Works with the Web Administrator to co-chair the Libraries Web Team and convene a Content Managers Group for discussions and dissemination of information; develops and recommends policies, standards, and guidelines for web content development, implementation, and management in collaboration with Library and University stakeholders; oversees usability of all user interfaces and web design, and develops guidelines and assessment strategies to provide a superior experience for all users.; coordinates testing, initiates focus groups, develops reports, and disseminates information to necessary staff; collaborates effectively with Systems and Digital Initiatives staff, stake-holders and unit-level managers to conceptualize and determine technologies and design in the delivery of user-centered library services, incorporating web 2.0 technologies to provide new features and functionality; participates as an ex-officio member of the Libraries' Student Advisory Group, and attends Education and Outreach Services meetings for informational purposes; works with Instructional Advancement and participates in programming for the Libraries' Faculty Exploratory to support and promote faculty development and the use of technology in teaching and learning; networks, collaborates and actively participates in local, regional, national, or international organizations regarding related issues; represents and promotes the University of Miami Libraries in local, state-wide, regional, national, or international organizations as appropriate ; serves on/participates in Libraries and University organizations, committees, task forces, and teams as appropriate.

Digital Initiatives and Scholarly Communications Librarian at University of Idaho

The University of Idaho Library is recruiting a Digital Initiatives and Scholarly Communications Librarian.

Here's an excerpt from the ad:

The University of Idaho Library invites applications from innovative and service-oriented individuals for the position of Digital Initiatives and Scholarly Communications Librarian to lead, develop, and maintain digital collections and services. The Digital Initiatives and Scholarly Communications Librarian will work closely and collaboratively with library and university employees to ensure that the University of Idaho Library’s digital initiatives are an integral part of its collections and services. This position will manage and develop a growing collection of digital exhibits, associated web pages, book digitization projects, and work with others on the establishment of an institutional repository. The successful candidate will play a leading role in planning and developing a comprehensive strategy for emerging digital initiatives and projects that support the university’s vision for library services in a land-grant environment.

White House Office of Science and Technology Policy Consultation on Open Access

The White House Office of Science and Technology Policy (OSTP) public consultation on public access policy completed phase three on January 7, 2010.

Here's an excerpt from "Phase III Wrap-Up":

We sincerely thank every one of you for taking the time to provide such valuable commentary on this topic. As previously mentioned, due to the busy holiday season we will be re-opening the forum for a two-week bonus session beginning immediately. In this final session we will be soliciting comments on all the topics discussed in the three previous phases, and may periodically ask during the course of these two weeks that participants focus on a few key issues that we feel warrant additional attention. . . .

Once again thank you to all who participated; your comments and suggestions are genuinely appreciated. Now, for those of you who have been caught up with the holidays or have simply procrastinated, please take some time to share your thoughts as we extend this public forum through January 21th.

Here are the main discussion pages for the three phases: