Head of Scholars’ Lab Graduate Programs at University of Virginia Library

The University of Virginia Library is recruiting a Head of Scholars' Lab Graduate Programs.

Here's an excerpt from the ad:

The University of Virginia Library seeks an experienced, versatile digital scholar and administrator to lead programs for graduate students in our internationally-recognized Scholars' Lab, home of the Praxis Program and a vibrant community of Graduate Fellows in Digital Humanities. . . .

Primary Responsibilities: Mentoring, managing day-to-day operations, and coordinating staff support for both team-based and individual graduate fellowship programs at UVa Library. Developing intellectual programming in the digital humanities for the Scholars' Lab and building community among emerging scholars at U.Va. Fostering collaboration on humanities training and research support with internal and external partners.

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University of Rhode Island Adopts Open Access Policy

The University of Rhode Island has adopted an open access policy.

This year, Amherst College, the College of Wooster, Connecticut College, the University of North Carolina at Greensboro Library Faculty, and Wellesley College have all adopted open access policies.

(See Peter Suber's Google+ announcements of these policies.)

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Entire Editorial Board of Journal of Library Administration Resigns

There have been several reports stating that the editorial board of the Journal of Library Administration has resigned. The Journal of Library Administration is published by Taylor & Francis, which publishes a number of library and information science journals.

Here's an excerpt from Brian Mathews's "So I'm Editing This Journal Issue and . . ." in which he quotes an e-mail from Damon Jaggars:

"The Board believes that the licensing terms in the Taylor & Francis author agreement are too restrictive and out-of-step with the expectations of authors in the LIS community."

"A large and growing number of current and potential authors to JLA have pushed back on the licensing terms included in the Taylor & Francis author agreement. Several authors have refused to publish with the journal under the current licensing terms."

"Authors find the author agreement unclear and too restrictive and have repeatedly requested some form of Creative Commons license in its place."

"After much discussion, the only alternative presented by Taylor & Francis tied a less restrictive license to a $2995 per article fee to be paid by the author. As you know, this is not a viable licensing option for authors from the LIS community who are generally not conducting research under large grants."

"Thus, the Board came to the conclusion that it is not possible to produce a quality journal under the current licensing terms offered by Taylor & Francis and chose to collectively resign."

The Editorial Board members are:

Damon Jaggars (Editor)
Kristin Antelman
Chris Bourg
Lisa German
Fred M. Heath
Paula T. Kaufman
Deanna B. Marcum
Sarah C. Michalak
James G. Neal
Ann J. Wolpert
Makoto Nakamoto
Stephen Town

Read more about it at "Editorial Board Resigns from T&F Journal to Protest Restrictive Licensing," "The Journal of Library Administration," and "My Short Stint on the JLA Editorial Board."

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Current News: DigitalCurationNews Twitter Updates for 3/22/2013

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Scholarly Communication Librarian at Butler University Libraries

Butler University Libraries are recruiting a Scholarly Communication Librarian.

Here's an excerpt from the ad:

The Scholarly Communication Librarian position provides leadership for scholarly communication and digitization initiatives at Butler University Libraries. Scholarly communication is a strategic priority for Butler Libraries, and this position is responsible for managing and developing the library's institutional repository (digital commons via bePress), digital publishing initiatives, and digitization projects. The librarian in this position leads education and outreach to faculty and provides guidance to library colleagues and others on issues relevant to the dynamic scholarly publishing landscape, including author rights, open access (OA) publishing, and alternative publishing trends related to tenure and promotion. The position also serves as the Library's primary resource on copyright compliance, fair use, and other copyright issues that pertain to library collections and services.

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What EDINA Does: A Community Report

EDINA has released What EDINA Does: A Community Report.

Here's an excerpt:

Universities and colleges across the UK making use of our services enjoy high quality online support documentation and helpful case studies. Flagship services include JISC MediaHub, Digimap Collections, and SUNCAT (with respective focus on multimedia, geo-spatial data and mapping for teaching and research, and the scholarly statement made in journals). . . .

What follows in this booklet also acts as a showcase for our current project activities; the key investments for present and future services. These include innovation to support use on the 'mobile Internet', both mobility and multi-platform delivery and interaction, as part of the national and international development of the 'spatial data infrastructure', including leadership in the citizen observatory (COBWEB) project funded by the EU. There is also significant contribution to the wider definition of digital infrastructure, geared to ensure ease and continuity of access, both for discovery and for stewardship (preservation) of the digital resources that research and education require, such as The Keepers Registry (for e-journals) and now the UK RepositoryNet+ initiative and its service components to assist universities and research institutes with the Open Access agenda and research reporting. More about the product of our research and development project activity is found in the project archive pages of our website.

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Director of Research Data Management at Virginia Commonwealth University Libraries

Virginia Commonwealth University Libraries are recruiting a Director of Research Data Management.

Here's an excerpt from the ad:

Reporting to the Director of the Tompkins-McCaw Library for the Health Sciences and Associate University Librarian, the Director of Research Data Management will lead a developing, cross-campus team being formed to integrate the VCU Libraries, its services and its resources with the VCU research enterprise. Responsibilities include:

  • Developing a framework for knowledge-based research data services for the lifespan of research data to the VCU community.
  • Serving as a consultant to researchers on research data issues, providing access to research data, and working with digital research tools such as DMPTool to manage, curate and archive research data.
  • Leading the ongoing assessment of researcher data support needs across VCUin collaboration with the Center for Clinical and Translational Research, the VCU Office of Research, and VCU Libraries colleagues.
  • Identifying new data management tools and initiatives; maintaining and promoting existing tools to the VCU research community.

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Implementing an Open Data Policy: A Primer for Research Funders

SPARC has released Implementing an Open Data Policy: A Primer for Research Funders.

Here's an excerpt from the announcement:

This primer addresses key issues that these organizations encounter when considering the adoption and implementation of an open data policy. The guide covers big-picture topics such as how to decide on the range of activities an open data policy should cover. It also delves into areas of very specific concern, such as options for where data can be deposited, and how privacy and other concerns can be managed.

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Current News: DigitalKoans Twitter Updates for 3/21/13

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Current News: DigitalCurationNews Twitter Updates for 3/21/13

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Manager, Discovery Systems at Drexel University Libraries

Drexel University Libraries are recruiting a Manager, Discovery Systems.

Here's an excerpt from the ad:

The Manager, Discovery Systems leads the Drexel University Libraries program of Discovery Systems, focusing on thoughtful and proactive integration and development of the Libraries' patron facing discovery systems. In this role, the Manager will be a key leader in the Libraries efforts to develop and deliver new discovery services to the University community as part of the Libraries contribution to build campus data curation and digital content. The Manager will have responsibility for Libraries' website, integrated library system, and library technology & systems infrastructure. Currently the Manager reports to the Director, Library Academic Partnerships

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"The Orphan Works Chimera and How to Defeat It: A View From the Atlantic"

Stef van Gompel has published "The Orphan Works Chimera and How to Defeat It: A View From the Atlantic" in a special issue of the Berkeley Technology Law Journal about orphan works.

Here's an excerpt:

This Article consists of three parts. Employing the metaphor of the Chimera, Part II systematically introduces the different ways in which the problem of orphan works manifests itself and describes the legal uncertainty that the different categories of users of orphan works experience. Next, Part III suggests addressing the orphan works problem by adopting a multifaceted approach that would provide adequate relief for the different categories of users of orphan works. Part IV concludes.

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Senior Director, Digital Initiatives at McGill University Library

The McGill University Library is recruiting a Senior Director, Digital Initiatives. Duration: "Initial three-year appointment with possibility for renewal."

Here's an excerpt from the ad:

Reporting to the Trenholme Dean of Libraries, the Senior Director, Digital Initiatives will work collaboratively with university faculty and administration to develop and advance digital initiative programs including web-based services, information technologies, programs supporting the integration of digital collections, and digital library services. The Senior Director, Digital Initiatives supervises 14 staff, including librarians and IT professionals.

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"Private Digital Libraries and Orphan Works"

Randal C. Picker has published "Private Digital Libraries and Orphan Works" in a special issue of the Berkeley Technology Law Journal about orphan works.

Here's an excerpt:

This Article is divided into three substantive parts. In Part II, this Article considers some of the characteristics that will matter for the competition between public and private digital libraries and offer a brief discussion of the emerging private digital libraries. Google's Book Search project is probably the most prominent example, but Amazon has an important initiative as well and there are many smaller examples. In Part III, this Article considers the current library exemptions in U.S. copyright law, with particular emphasis on § 108. . . .

In Part IV, this Article turns to the shape of a potential statutory licensing regime for orphan works.

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Digital Communications Librarian at University of California, Merced Library

The University of California, Merced Library is recruiting a Digital Communications Librarian .

Here's an excerpt from the ad:

The goal of the Digital Communications librarian is to provide a highly usable, relevant, and innovative digital presence in order to effectively connect library users with available library resources and services.

  • Develops a well coordinated digital communications strategy that is valuable to users and feasible to implement, maintain, and evaluate
  • Creates online services which are engaging and accessible for users through evaluating, selecting, and implementing effective technology based solutions
  • Leads the development, maintenance, and ongoing improvement of the library's digital presence including its web presence, mobile site, social networking profiles, digital signage, and electronic communications
  • Leads the library web team to direct website development through gathering input, identifying issues, and pursuing initiatives
  • Contributes design, programming, and information architecture expertise to digital and online projects

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Digital Production Coordinator at University of Richmond Library

The University of Richmond Library is recruiting a Digital Production Coordinator.

Here's an excerpt from the ad:

The Digital Production Coordinator works with faculty and staff on digitization projects through the University of Richmond's Library Discovery, Technology, and Publishing department, and leads the daily scanning and photography operations within the department. The Digital Production Coordinator is responsible for the creation of high-quality digital representations of University holdings and other materials for inclusion in digital library collections, faculty publications and presentations, and for classroom use.

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Digital Music Consumption on the Internet: Evidence from Clickstream Data

The Institute for Prospective Technological Studies. has released Digital Music Consumption on the Internet: Evidence from Clickstream Data.

Here's an excerpt:

This paper analyses the behaviour of digital music consumers on the Internet. Using clickstream data on a panel of more than 16,000 European consumers, we estimate the effects of illegal downloading and legal streaming on the legal purchases of digital music. Our results suggest that Internet users do not view illegal downloading as a substitute for legal digital music. Although positive and significant, our estimated elasticities are essentially zero: a 10% increase in clicks on illegal downloading websites leads to a 0.2% increase in clicks on legal purchase websites. Online music streaming services are found to have a somewhat larger (but still small) effect on the purchases of digital sound recordings, suggesting complementarities between these two modes of music consumption. According to our results, a 10% increase in clicks on legal streaming websites leads to up to a 0.7% increase in clicks on legal digital purchase websites. We find important cross country differences in these effects.

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First Sale Doctrine Win in Kirtsaeng v. John Wiley & Sons

The Supreme Court has ruled in Kirtsaeng, dba Bluechristine99 v. John Wiley & Sons, Inc. that the first sale doctrine applies to “copies of a copyrighted work lawfully made abroad.”

Here's an excerpt from the ruling:

Held: The "first sale" doctrine applies to copies of a copyrighted work lawfully made abroad. Pp. 7-33.

(a) Wiley reads "lawfully made under this title" to impose a geographical limitation that prevents §109(a)'s doctrine from applying to Wiley Asia's books. Kirtsaeng, however, reads the phrase as imposing the non-geographical limitation made "in accordance with" or "in compliance with" the Copyright Act, which would permit the doctrine to apply to copies manufactured abroad with the copyright owner's permission. Pp. 7-8.

(b) Section 109(a)'s language, its context, and the "first sale" doctrine's common-law history favor Kirtsaeng's reading. Pp. 8-24.

(1) Section 109(a) says nothing about geography. "Under" can logically mean "in accordance with." And a nongeographical interpretation provides each word in the phrase "lawfully made under this title" with a distinct purpose: "lawfully made" suggests an effort to distinguish copies that were made lawfully from those that were not, and "under this title" sets forth the standard of "lawful[ness]" (i.e., the U. S. Copyright Act). This simple reading promotes the traditional copyright objective of combatting piracy and makes word-by-word linguistic sense.

In contrast, the geographical interpretation bristles with linguistic difficulties. Wiley first reads "under" to mean "in conformance with the Copyright Act where the Copyright Act is applicable." Wiley then argues that the Act "is applicable" only in the United States. However, neither "under" nor any other word in "lawfully made under this title" means "where." Nor can a geographical limitation be read into the word "applicable." The fact that the Act does not instantly protect an American copyright holder from unauthorized piracy taking place abroad does not mean the Act is inapplicable to copies made abroad. Indeed, §602(a)(2) makes foreign-printed pirated copies subject to the Copyright Act. And §104 says that works "subject to protection" include unpublished works "without regard to the [author's] nationality or domicile," and works "first published" in any of the Cite as: 568 U. S. ____ (2013) 3 Syllabus nearly 180 nations that have signed a copyright treaty with the United States. Pp. 8-12.

(2) Both historical and contemporary statutory context indicate that Congress did not have geography in mind when writing the present version of §109(a). A comparison of the language in §109(a)'s predecessor and the present provision supports this conclusion. The former version referred to those who are not owners of a copy, but mere possessors who "lawfully obtained" a copy, while the present version covers only owners of a "lawfully made" copy. This new language, including the five words at issue, makes clear that a lessee of a copy will not receive "first sale" protection but one who owns a copy will be protected, provided that the copy was "lawfully made." A nongeographical interpretation is also supported by other provisions of the present statute. For example, the "manufacturing clause," which limited importation of many copies printed outside the United States, was phased out in an effort to equalize treatment of copies made in America and copies made abroad. But that "equal treatment" principle is difficult to square with a geographical interpretation that would grant an American copyright holder permanent control over the American distribution chain in respect to copies printed abroad but not those printed in America. Finally, the Court normally presumes that the words "lawfully made under this title" carry the same meaning when they appear in different but related sections, and it is unlikely that Congress would have intended the consequences produced by a geographical interpretation. Pp. 12-16.

(3) A nongeographical reading is also supported by the canon of statutory interpretation that "when a statute covers an issue previously governed by the common law," it is presumed that "Congress intended to retain the substance of the common law." Samantar v. Yousuf, 560 U. S. ___, ___. The common-law "first sale" doctrine, which has an impeccable historic pedigree, makes no geographical distinctions. Nor can such distinctions be found in Bobbs-Merrill Co. v. Straus, 210 U. S. 339, where this Court first applied the "first sale" doctrine, or in §109(a)'s predecessor provision, which Congress enacted a year later. Pp. 17-19.

(4) Library associations, used-book dealers, technology companies, consumer-goods retailers, and museums point to various ways in which a geographical interpretation would fail to further basic constitutional copyright objectives, in particular "promot[ing] the Progress of Science and useful Arts," Art. I, §8, cl. 8. For example, a geographical interpretation of the first-sale doctrine would likely require libraries to obtain permission before circulating the many books in their collections that were printed overseas. Wiley counters that such problems have not occurred in the 30 years since a federal court first adopted a geographical interpretation. But the law has not been settled for so long in Wiley's favor. The Second Circuit in this case was the first Court of Appeals to adopt a purely geographical interpretation. Reliance on the "first sale" doctrine is also deeply embedded in the practices of booksellers, libraries, museums, and retailers, who have long relied on its protection. And the fact that harm has proved limited so far may simply reflect the reluctance of copyright holders to assert geographically based resale rights. Thus, the practical problems described by petitioner and his amici are too serious, extensive, and likely to come about to be dismissed as insignificant—particularly in light of the ever-growing importance of foreign trade to America. Pp. 19-24.

(c) Several additional arguments that Wiley and the dissent make in support of a geographical interpretation are unpersuasive. Pp. 24-33. 654 F. 3d 210, reversed and remanded.

BREYER, J., delivered the opinion of the Court, in which ROBERTS, C. J., and THOMAS, ALITO, SOTOMAYOR, and KAGAN, JJ., joined. KAGAN, J., filed a concurring opinion, in which ALITO, J., joined. GINSBURG, J., filed a dissenting opinion, in which KENNEDY, J., joined, and in which SCALIA, J., joined except as to Parts III and V-B-1.

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Digital Archivist at Dalhousie University Libraries

The Dalhousie University Libraries are recruiting a Digital Archivist

Here's an excerpt from the ad:

The Dalhousie Libraries seeks a creative, collaborative, enthusiastic Professional Librarian / Archivist for the position of Digital Archivist. Reporting to the Dalhousie University Archivist, the Digital Archivist will take a leadership role in the management, acquisition, appraisal, description, and preservation of born-digital datasets, including privately donated and institutional records. The Digital Archivist will also be responsible for the management of the Archives' on-line holdings systems, website and social media initiatives. The Digital Archivist will be responsible for supporting Dalhousie faculty, students, and staff with information, training, and assistance in depositing and accessing digital materials in the Dalhousie University Archives and the Dalhousie Libraries Institutional Repository, DalSpace. This position will be the team-lead for achieving and maintaining accreditation as a Trusted Digital Repository, and serves as part of a team of librarians and staff furthering the work of the Dalhousie Libraries' Digital Scholarship Initiatives Committee. The Digital Archivist will define and implement repository and digital preservation policies, workflows, forward-migration technology planning, and work to increase data stewardship capabilities.

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eBook Use and Acceptance in an Undergraduate Institution

Springer has released eBook Use and Acceptance in an Undergraduate Institution.

Here's an excerpt :

The survey finds high use of eBooks at Wellesley College, with 70% of the respondents indicating they have used eBooks. Other recent international surveys of eBook use have shown 52-64% of students or faculty responding that they have used eBooks (Figure 10). Within the general U.S. population 21% of adults reported having used eBooks in 2011. Some eBook use by Wellesley students and faculty may be non-academic, leisure reading, but half of Wellesley's eBook users report having used eBooks from the Wellesley College Library's collection.

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Data Curation Librarian at University of Tennessee, Knoxville Libraries

The University of Tennessee, Knoxville Libraries are recruiting a Data Curation Librarian.

Here's an excerpt from the ad:

Reporting to the Associate Dean for Research and Scholarly Communication, the data curation librarian will: strengthen the University's capacity to secure highly competitive grant funding; contribute to the development of long-term data management infrastructure; assist faculty in the discovery of relevant existing data sets and other information; serve as a PI, co-PI or grant team member on externally funded projects; and engage in research and professional activity at the national and international level. The librarian performs data management planning with PIs and researchers, serves as a consultant with researchers on research data issues, and trains researchers on the use of digital research and publishing tools, including UT's Trace digital repository.

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