2 thoughts on “Test Driving the CrossRef Simple-Text Query Tool for Finding DOIs”

  1. Thanks for the feedback. There are a number of different sides to this – “No DOI Match Found” means that the reference was understood but there is no DOI for the item. “Reference not parsed” means that for some reason the reference couldn’t be understood – we are looking into why this happened for these references (all but the first 2 didn’t parse).

    In terms of Open Access material it has to be registered with CrossRef for us to find the DOI for it. “The Public-Access Computer System Review” is not in CrossRef but “D-Lib” is so we are looking at that.

    I would agree that the strength of CrossRef’s coverage and therefore the Simple Text Query is in mainstream journal references.

  2. Thanks for your reply. I tried a dozen references from a section (3.4 Electronic Serials: General Works) that has fewer non-conventional references and had better luck.

    Abate, Tom. “Publishing Scientific Journals Online.” Bioscience 47, no. 3 (1997): 175-179.
    No doi match found.

    Amiran, Eyal. “The Rhetoric of Serials at the Present Time.” The Serials Librarian 28, no. 3/4 (1996): 209-221.

    Amiran, Eyal, Elaine Orr, and John Unsworth. “Refereed Electronic Journals and the Future of Scholarly Publishing.” In Advances in Library Automation and Networking, vol. 4, ed. Joe A. Hewitt, 25-53. Greenwich, CT: JAI Press, 1991.
    No doi match found.

    Anderson, Kent. “The Mutant Journal: How Adaptations to Online Forces Are Forcing STM Journals to Mutate.” Learned Publishing 14 (January 2001): 15-22.

    Arms, William Y. “What Are the Alternatives to Peer Review? Quality Control in Scholarly Publishing on the Web.” The Journal of Electronic Publishing 8 (August 2002). http://www.press.umich.edu/jep/08-01/arms.html
    Reference not parsed

    Ashcroft, Linda. “Win-Win-Win: Can the Evaluation and Promotion of Electronic Journals Bring Benefits to Library Suppliers, Information Professionals, and Users?” Library Management 21, no. 9 (2000): 466-471.

    Bailey, Charles W., Jr. “Network-Based Electronic Serials.” Information Technology and Libraries 11 (March 1992): 29-35. http://www.digital-scholarship.org/cwb/ital11n1.htm
    Reference not parsed

    Berin, Andrew. “Unbundled Journals: Trying to Predict the Future.” Learned Publishing 15 (April 2002): 109-112.

    Bollag, Burton. “East African Universities Will Gain Journal Access in New Online Project.” The Chronicle of Higher Education, 16 March 2001, A39.
    No doi match found.

    Bosch, Stephen. “Buy, Build, or Lease: Managing Serials for Scholarly Communications.” Serials Review 31, no. 2 (2005): 107-115.

    Boyce, Peter B. “Scholarly Journals in the Electronic World.” The Serials Librarian 36, no. 1/2 (1999): 187-198.
    No doi match found.

    Brown, David J. “Scholarly Journal Publishing: Coming to Terms with the Internet Culture.” Learned Publishing 11 (July 1998): 171-178.

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