Digital Humanities Grant: Mellon Foundation Funds Bamboo Planning Project

The Andrew W. Mellon Foundation has funded the Bamboo Planning Project, a digital humanities project which is headed by Janet Broughton, Dean of Arts and Humanities, University of California, Berkeley and Gregory A. Jackson, Vice President for Information Technology and Chief Information Officer, University of Chicago.

Here's an excerpt from the project home page:

Bamboo is a multi-institutional, interdisciplinary, and inter-organizational effort that brings together researchers in arts and humanities, computer scientists, information scientists, librarians, and campus information technologists to tackle the question:

How can we advance arts and humanities research through the development of shared technology services? . . . .

Bamboo is meant to include liberal arts colleges, community colleges, research universities, national consortia, disciplinary societies, and other organizations internationally who are concerned with advancing the humanities through the development of shared digital technologies. If we move toward a shared services model, any faculty member, scholar, or researcher can use and reuse content, resources, and applications no matter where they reside, what their particular field of interest is, or what support may be available to them. Our goal is to better enable and foster academic innovation through sharing and collaboration.

Read more about it at "Project Bamboo Launches" and the project proposal.