Repository Planning Checklist and Guidance Released: Presents Planning Tool for Trusted Electronic Repositories (PLATTER)

DigitalPreservationEurope has released Repository Planning Checklist and Guidance.

Here's an excerpt from the "Executive Summary and Introduction to Platter":

The purpose of this document is to present a tool, the Planning Tool for Trusted Electronic Repositories (PLATTER) which provides a basis for a digital repository to plan the development of its goals, objectives and performance targets over the course of its lifetime in a manner which will contribute to the repository establishing trusted status amongst its stakeholders. PLATTER is not in itself an audit or certification tool but is rather designed to complement existing audit and certification tools by providing a framework which will allow new repositories to incorporate the goal of achieving trust into their planning from an early stage. A repository planned using PLATTER will find itself in a strong position when it subsequently comes to apply one of the existing auditing tools to confirm the adequacy of its procedures for maintaining the long term usability of and access to its material. . . .

The PLATTER process is centred around a group of Strategic Objective Plans (SOPs) through which a repository specifies its current objectives, targets, or key performance indicators in those areas which have been identified as central to the process of establishing trust. In the future, PLATTER can and should be used as the basis for an electronic tool in which repositories will be able to compare their targets with those adopted by other similar (suitably anonymised) repositories. The intention is that the SOPs should be living documents which evolve with the repository, and PLATTER therefore defines a planning cycle through which the SOPs can develop symbiotically with the repository organisation.