Kate Wittenberg Named Project Director, Client and Partnership Development at Ithaka

Kate Wittenberg, formerly Director of the Electronic Publishing Initiative at Columbia (EPIC), has been named Project Director, Client and Partnership Development at Ithaka.

Here's an excerpt from the press release:

In her new role, Wittenberg will focus on building partnerships among scholars, academic centers, publishers, libraries, technology providers, societies, and foundations with an interest in promoting the development of digital scholarship and learning. From proposal creation to market research, business development, and product planning, she will draw on her years of work with scholars and experience building online academic resources to help digital publishing stakeholders identify, build, and sustain innovative initiatives. . . .

Wittenberg spent most of her career at Columbia, where she was the Editor-in-Chief of Columbia University Press until 1999, and went on to found and direct EPIC (the Electronic Publishing Initiative at Columbia) for the university. EPIC was a pioneering initiative in digital publishing, and a model publishing partnership for libraries, presses, and academic IT departments. Some of the ventures produced by EPIC include CIAO (Columbia International Affairs Online), Gutenberg-E (a reinvention of the monograph as an electronic work), and Jazz Studies Online. Wittenberg brings to Ithaka more than two decades of experience working with faculty, a deep understanding of libraries, first hand experience of digital projects centered within academic institutions, and a wide knowledge of the digital landscape and disciplinary trends. She has worked closely with a number of foundations, and has built a strong reputation in the community through her work at Columbia, her many speaking and consulting engagements around digital publishing, and her numerous publications.

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