Virginia Tech Journal Cut: Almost $900,000

The Virginia Tech University Libraries will reduce journal subscriptions by almost $900,000 in the 2009-2010 budget year.

Here's an excerpt from "Library to Cut Nearly $1 Million":

Hitchingham [Dean of University Libraries] said that the university must cancel $500,000 worth of subscriptions to accommodate library budget cuts. They must also cover $400,000 worth of cuts to meet inflationary cost increases.

One thought on “Virginia Tech Journal Cut: Almost $900,000”

  1. According to ARL stats ( — if I have the right “Virginia Tech” and there aren’t multiple entities with that name — these cuts amount to about 16% of 2006-7 serials expenditure. Those were the latest numbers I could find but I doubt that VT libraries have increased their serials spending dramatically in the meantime, so we’re still looking at well over 10%.


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