Library IT Jobs: Director of Resource Services/Information Technology at Boston Public

Boston Public Library is recruiting a Director of Resource Services/Information Technology.

Here's an excerpt from the ad:

The Director reports to the Library President and is a member of the Library's Administrative Council. This position provides direction, oversight and management of the IT Division. A total of 14 FTE library staff work in the Division. The Director is responsible for the effective and efficient delivery of library services to the residents of Boston consistent with the Library's mission, goals, and services priorities. The Director will direct and oversee the implementation of the Library's technology plan and will participate in the development of the Library's long-term strategic planning initiative. The Director will foster a public service environment where the Central Library and branch libraries are true partners in delivery of online services to library users, as well as harness technology and staff creativity to deliver information services when and where the customer wants them. Other responsibilities include establishing performance benchmarks for projects and staff with a focus on employee engagement, fostering a positive work environment and developing operational efficiencies.