Library IT Jobs: Library Technology Services Leader at North Carolina State

The North Carolina State University Libraries are recruiting a Library Technology Services Leader.

Here's an excerpt from the ad:

The Library Technology Services Leader provides direction for the library's technology service program, including customer service, technology planning, and resource administration. She or he supervises five IT staff members and manages a program supporting a full range of library IT services including cross-platform desktop hardware and software, network services, multimedia technologies, IT training, and small- to medium-scale application development of library technologies. The incumbent develops and implements customer service agreements with library departments. She or he works closely with the staff of the Learning Commons and the campus Office of Information Technology on development and management of patron computing services throughout the Libraries. Position responsibilities include researching leading edge technologies and service innovations and integrating them into the library environment. The incumbent participates in library planning and serves on library-wide committees, task forces, and teams. NCSU librarians are expected to be active professionally and to contribute to developments in the field. Reports to the Head of Information Technology.