JISC Releases Web2practice Web 2.0 Guides

JISC has released a series of Web2practice Web 2.0 guides.

Here's an excerpt from the announcement:

How-to guides on web 2.0 technologies are now available from JISC Netskills for lecturers and researchers which complement five short animations about getting started.

Anyone interested in social media, RSS, collaborative writing, podcasting and microblogging can download the Web2practice guides in both video and PDF format from the website. . . .

Video creator Steve Boneham, JISC Netskills consultant trainer, said: “While we’ve aimed the tools at the UK higher and further education audiences, the internet and Twitter knows no national boundaries—we’re really pleased that people from so far afield are taking such an interest.”

He continued: "I'm particularly pleased that people have started embedding the materials as well as this is just what we wanted to encourage people to do—the materials are completely free for people to use, copy, adapt, comment on and above all, share."