Embedding Repositories in Research Management Systems: Final Report

JISC has released Embedding Repositories in Research Management Systems: Final Report. (See JISC's "Research Information Management" page for more information on research management systems.)

Here's an excerpt:

The main finding from our research is the variety of disparate "systems" (i.e. both technology and process) in use. Management information is derived from many different systems and processes: HR; student administration (e.g. SITS); finance; research support; and information services/library.

A number of universities use business intelligence software such as Cognos or Oracle Discoverer for monitoring activity and performance, and for resource allocation and forecasting. However, some rely on tools as simple as a series of complex interlinked spreadsheets.

The role of institutional repositories is still small. IRs are near-universal, but mainly lack critical mass of content. Publications and research expertise databases are widespread and are the main research assessment management tool for many HEIs: few of these connect to the IR, although in a small number of cases the two are linked.

We could find no implementations of a research management system with embedded repository; further, where both RMS and IRs do exist within the same HEI they are not well-integrated.