Online Catalogue and Repository Interoperability Study (OCRIS): Final Report

JISC has released the Online Catalogue and Repository Interoperability Study (OCRIS): Final Report.

Here's an excerpt:

The aims and objectives of OCRIS were to:

  • Survey the extent to which repository content is in scope for institutional library OPACs, and the extent to which it is already recorded there;
  • Examine the interoperability of OPAC and repository software for the exchange of metadata and other information;
  • List the various services to institutional managers, researchers, teachers and learners offered respectively by OPACs and repositories;
  • Identify the potential for improvements in the links (e.g. using link resolver technology) from repositories and/or OPACs to other institutional services, such as finance or research administration;
  • Make recommendations for the development of possible further links between library OPACs and institutional repositories, identifying the benefits to relevant stakeholder groups.