E-journals: Their Use, Value and Impact—Final Report

The Research Information Network has released E-journals: Their Use, Value and Impact—Final Report.

Here's an excerpt:

The objectives for this second phase of the study were:

  1. to establish a deeper understanding of what lies behind the patterns of use and information-seeking behaviour portrayed in the logs to answer questions such as:
    • why do users spend so little time on each visit?
    • why do researchers use gateway sites?
    • why do few researchers use advanced searching?
    • do high levels of use imply high levels of user satisfaction?
  2. to investigate reasons for the diversity in information-seeking behaviour and usage shown in the logs, especially with regard to research status and seniority, institutional size and research strength, and subject or discipline.
  3. to determine how online searching and use of e-journals relates to researchers' general behaviour in seeking and using information, and to scholarly and research workflows.
  4. to investigate further the relationships between levels of expenditure on journals, levels of use, and research outcomes (e.g., does good e-journal provision drive research outcomes, or do libraries benefit from the additional revenue that research success creates?).
  5. to analyse any trends in author referencing behaviour over a long period, and to investigate whether these have changed alongside the development of easier access to scholarly literature.

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