Report on the Step Forward iPad Pilot Project

The University of Melbourne's Trinity College has released Report on the Step Forward iPad Pilot Project.

Here's an excerpt:


  • Pilot project staff and August Entry students overwhelmingly recommend iPads for use by other TCFS staff and students: 76.2% of staff and 80% of students
  • iPads are effective, durable, reliable and achieve their educational aims of going further, faster and with more fun
  • iPads have advantages for TCFS over other technologies such as netbooks and laptops
  • iPads are not a replacement for desktop/laptop computers or other educational technologies but are an enhancement
  • High quality audio-visual equipment in the classroom (such as flat screen TV monitors and document cameras), along with timely IT support, are required to enable full integration and best use of the iPads. Such equipment and support are crucial if the educational aims of iPad use are to be realised rather than thwarted
  • iPad use reduces printing and paper use

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