Supervisory Information Technology Specialist at National Agricultural Library

The National Agricultural Library is recruiting a Supervisory Information Technology Specialist. Salary range: $105,211-$136,771.

Here's an excerpt from the ad:

Incumbent serves as Chief of the Applications Branch in the Information Systems Division, National Agricultural Library (NAL) with administrative and management responsibility for this branch and ensuring that all NAL computer systems, programming languages, applications, and associated software are managed and utilized effectively.

This position is located in the National Agricultural Library (NAL), the largest and most accessible research library focused on agriculture. NAL was created with the U.S. Department of Agriculture in (USDA) in 1862 and named a national library in 1990 by Congress as “the primary agricultural information resource of the United States. NAL's mission is "to ensure and enhance access to agricultural information for a better quality of life". NAL's work in collecting, preserving, and making agricultural information available is fundamental to the continued well being and growth of U.S. agriculture, and the development of food supplies for the nation and the world. By providing public access to unrivalled collections, NAL enables research through a wide range of information services. These underpin U.S. research competitiveness, support U.S. businesses, and provide an essential service to the public and diverse stakeholders nationally and globally.

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