Web Services Developer at Radford University’s McConnell Library

Radford University's McConnell Library is recruiting a Web Services Developer.

Here's an excerpt from the ad (job posting number: 0800322):

Primary developer and administrator for Library website, web applications, social media, and mobile interfaces; administrator for EZproxy and ILLiad applications; backup administrator for Millennium ILS system, WordPress blogs, and Drupal intranet.

Coordinate, maintain, and oversee ongoing development of the Library's website and web services.

Incorporate appropriate design principles, information architectures, coding standards, and emerging technologies into the Library's various open source web-based systems and projects.

Contribute to processes that deliver Library content to external discovery and delivery mechanisms, such as: APIs and web services, search engine optimization, mobile application development, OAI harvesters, and integration with campus learning management systems and social sites.

Provide leadership in the development of the Library's overall web-based services; train and work directly with Library staff to help make them more effective content contributors and electronic service providers.

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