Systems & Technology Librarian at Dover Public Library

The Dover Public Library (Dover, NH) is recruiting a Systems & Technology Librarian. Degree: MLS.

Here's an excerpt from the ad:

  1. Manage, plan and administer all aspects of the library’s ILS, providing technical expertise, support, and training for the successful operation and development of all automated modules.
  2. Plan and execute all system hardware and software upgrades, purchases, and replacements, and participate in the selection and installation of any new ILS system.
  3. Lead the library in exploring, evaluating, and adopting emergent technology products and solutions which can improve customers’ experience, and/or optimize use of library resources.
  4. Redesign, expand, and maintain the library’s website and content management systems.
  5. Manage and support the library’s population of desktop, handheld computing devices, and related technologies, including all staff and public computers and servers.
  6. Supervise the library’s Technical Services Office workflow (Acquisitions & Cataloging).

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