UC Libraries Academic e-Book Usage Survey

The California Digital Library has released the UC Libraries Academic e-Book Usage Survey.

Here's an excerpt:

In 2008, the University of California Libraries initiated the Springer e-Book Pilot Project with the goal of developing appropriate systemwide processes for acquiring and managing licensed e-books, as well as informing future licensing activities. Evaluation of the UC academic community’s experience utilizing the Springer e-book collection began in 2010, and a UC systemwide survey was launched by the UC Libraries in October 2010 for the purpose of assessing the user experience. The primary objectives of the survey were to determine:

  • Respondents' general preference for print books as compared to e-books.
  • How respondents interact with e-books and barriers to e-book adoption and use.
  • How users of Springer e-books discover their availability.
  • Satisfaction level with Springer content and features, including the "MyCopy" service.

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