The Royal Netherlands Academy of Arts and Sciences Adopts Open Access Policy

The Royal Netherlands Academy of Arts and Sciences has adopted an open access policy. Among other duties, the Royal Netherlands Academy of Arts and Sciences "awards prizes and runs a number of funding programmes, either in its own name or on behalf of a foundation or fund that has been entrusted to it."

Here's an excerpt from the policy:

Brief outline of policy

All Academy publications are basically made publicly accessible within eighteen months after publication.

All Academy research data is stored sustainably and made publicly accessible unless there are serious reasons for not doing so (those reasons are set out in an institute's data memorandum). . . . .

What material should be openly accessible?

All publications are available within the Academy. Outside the Academy, the following exceptions are possible:

  • The publisher does not approve open access. The researcher retains the correspondence with the publisher.
  • The management of the institute chooses a publisher that applies a longer embargo period.

All research data, unless the data memorandum stipulates that this is not necessary.

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