Hope College Adopts Open Access Policy

Hope College has adopted an open access policy.

Here's an excerpt from the policy:

Each member of the faculty of Hope College grants to Hope College permission to make her or his scholarly work as defined below openly accessible in the College’s Institutional Repository.

The permission granted by each member of the faculty of Hope College is a nonexclusive, irrevocable, non-commercial, paid-up, worldwide license. Hope College is permitted to exercise any and all rights under United States copyright law related to the scholarly work designated above provided that (a) the works are neither sold for a profit nor used for any commercial purposes and (b) the faculty member has not formally designated that a specific scholarly work is not to be so disseminated. The permission also allows Hope College to authorize others to do the same.

This policy applies to all peer-reviewed, published scholarly journal articles and conference proceedings written while the author is a member of the faculty of Hope College and written after the formal adoption of this policy. Faculty members shall submit all such scholarly articles for addition to the College's Institutional Repository. A faculty member may formally designate that a specific scholarly work is not to be disseminated by requesting a waiver. Reasons for doing so may include the existence of an incompatible licensing or assignment agreement before the existence of this policy or the reasonable potential for the author to expect to receive royalties for the work. However, faculty members may opt out of such dissemination of a scholarly work for any reason.

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