"Scholarly Communications and the Role of the Liberal Arts College Library"

Diane J. Graves has self-archived "Scholarly Communications and the Role of the Liberal Arts College Library" in Digital Commons @ Trinity.

Here's an excerpt:

One of the most puzzling aspects of the entire conversation around scholarly communication—the impact of existing models, the search for alternatives, the need for advocacy—is the assumption that it is the purview of Carnegie Research I institutions first and foremost, followed by those institutions with robust doctoral programs. The corollary is that small academic libraries—college libraries at liberal arts institutions, in particular—are not significant players in the conversation, nor should they be. Many in the academy, including those who work at such institutions, tend to think that the liberal arts college environment is too small to have a significant voice in the debate over alternatives to traditional models. . . .

Scenarios that look ahead to the next decade and beyond would be wise to look closely at the impact the small college library can have on the very lifeblood and purpose of libraries: the collection and dissemination of scholarly content.

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