TDL Survey 2012: A Survey of Member Librarians and Users

The Texas Digital Library has released the TDL Survey 2012: A Survey of Member Librarians and Users.

Here's an excerpt:

Beginning in April 2011, the TDL reorganized its leadership and focus on service rather than software development. In November 2011, the TDL Governing Board outlined a series of Strategic Initiatives intended to guide TDL activities and provide direction for member libraries, the leadership at those libraries and TDL full-time staff.

The development and deployment of a comprehensive survey was an initial goal of the Strategic Plan, in order to:

  1. review the state of TDL services among members
  2. investigate outreach and communication regarding TDL both between TDL and its members and between member libraries and their constituents
  3. examine the organizational structure of TDL and determine if the past and current structure can be improved upon

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