Perspectives on Personal Digital Archiving

The National Digital Information Infrastructure and Preservation Program has released Perspectives on Personal Digital Archiving

Here's an excerpt:

Our digital preservation blog, The Signal, is a major outlet for addressing personal digital archiving. Over the last two years, the blog has featured three categories of stories on the topic:

  • Discussions about applying the guidance listed in the Preserving Your Digital Memories section of our website.
  • Narratives about real-world encounters with personal digital preservation issues.
  • Descriptions of the outreach we have undertaken to connect with institutions and individuals to promote personal digital archiving.

We have gathered the most useful posts in each of these categories into this electronic publication. Perspectives on Personal Digital Archiving is intended as resource for individuals—and the institutions that serve them—to meet a critical challenge. Our aim is for it to be a primer for the digital archive novice, as well as a refresher for those with more experience.

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