"Privacy by Design and the Online Library Environment"

Dan Blum has published "Privacy by Design and the Online Library Environment" in Information Standards Quarterly.

Here's an excerpt:

This paper focuses on ways that libraries can incorporate advanced identity management concepts within the Privacy By Design framework to meet their needs as they continue their transition from the brick, mortar, and paper era to an era of mixed physical and digital content. In order to add value over and above what researchers can find with search engines and freely available content on the Internet, libraries must excel at supporting both ordinary knowledge seekers and academic researchers in fulfilling their content-and collaboration-related needs. Increasingly, libraries must support a seamless, personalized, and collaborative experience for diverse audiences across the full lifecycle from content discovery to content delivery while at the same time protecting patrons' privacy and intellectual property prerogatives.

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Author: Charles W. Bailey, Jr.

Charles W. Bailey, Jr.