Creating and Archiving Born Digital Video

The Born Digital Video subgroup of the Federal Agencies Digitization Guidelines Initiative Audio-Visual Working Group has released Creating and Archiving Born Digital Video.

Here's an excerpt:

The born digital video exploration is being led by the Library of Congress. The documents that comprise Creating and Archiving Born Digital Video provide practical technical information for both file creators and file archivists to help them make informed decisions when creating or archiving born digital video files and to understand the long term consequences of those decisions. . . .

Eight case histories document aspects of the current state of practice in six federal agencies working with born digital video. These case histories not only document deliverables and specifications but also tell the story of each project, and provide background information about the institution and the collection, as well as lessons learned. As the case histories developed, a set of high level recommended practices emerged from the collective project experiences. These recommended practices are intended to support informed decision-making and guide file creators and archivists as they seek out processes, file characteristics, and other practices that will yield files with the greatest preservation potential.

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Author: Charles W. Bailey, Jr.

Charles W. Bailey, Jr.